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Also, I am alive, and well, I haven't updated because I just din't have much to say, although alot has happened since I last posted, Most of the people who care know everything anyway, but I suppose It would not hurt to update for my own purposes. Anyway, here is a THING:


1. Tell you why I befriended you.
2. Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a color, a photo, etc..
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
6. Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
7. In return, you must post this in your LJ.


Found: Grammar for the masses (of WoW)

I've had a few.. problems with my wow installation, so I've been going threw and redownloading all my mods, and looking for a few improvements before I embark on the ever tedious reinstall. (for me, with my 40 something mods and custom art, it is pretty evil to redo this thing.)

While looking for a replacement/update to Ls_chat I found this:

Hyenas with literary degrees should appreciate what is trying to be done here. :p

For those who don't play wow, the 'hide action hero' thing is to stop the plague of chuck Norris conversations that tend to run rampant in the barrens, and have now spread to the rest of the world.. Now if only there was a add on that would 'make 12 yearolds mature'. Guess thats kinna a oxymoron, anyway. :p


I found this Cookie file while googleing my machine and our network for the keyword 'chip'. Look closely. I din't make this up, folks.

from test.test_support import verify, verbose, run_doctest
import Cookie

import warnings
".* class is insecure.*",

# Currently this only tests SimpleCookie

cases = [
('chips=ahoy; vienna=finger', {'chips':'ahoy', 'vienna':'finger'}),
('keebler="E=mc2; L=\\"Loves\\"; fudge=\\012;";',
{'keebler' : 'E=mc2; L="Loves"; fudge=\012;'}),

# Check illegal cookies that have an '=' char in an unquoted value
('keebler=E=mc2;', {'keebler' : 'E=mc2'})

for data, dict in cases:
C = Cookie.SimpleCookie() ; C.load(data)
print repr(C)
print str(C)
items = dict.items()
for k, v in items:
print ' ', k, repr( C[k].value ), repr(v)
verify(C[k].value == v)
print C[k]

C = Cookie.SimpleCookie()
C.load('Customer="WILE_E_COYOTE"; Version=1; Path=/acme')

verify(C['Customer'].value == 'WILE_E_COYOTE')
verify(C['Customer']['version'] == '1')
verify(C['Customer']['path'] == '/acme')

print C.output(['path'])
print C.js_output()
print C.js_output(['path'])

# Try cookie with quoted meta-data
C = Cookie.SimpleCookie()
C.load('Customer="WILE_E_COYOTE"; Version="1"; Path="/acme"')
verify(C['Customer'].value == 'WILE_E_COYOTE')
verify(C['Customer']['version'] == '1')
verify(C['Customer']['path'] == '/acme')

print "If anything blows up after this line, it's from Cookie's doctest."

Update: on closer inspection this turns out to come from Openoffice. So it wasn't a true internet cookie, but still, funny.
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Alright ye bookworms..

This is a shot in the dark, but I know alot of you folks read alot, heck some of you ::coughyenacough:: Have more books than my hometown library. But a long time ago I read a very large novel about the existance of mankind 10,000 years in the future; it was reality based fiction about the discovery of starship signatures in a distant galaxy, and the subsequent gearing up of a ship and crew capable of reaching this galaxy. This journey took 10,000 years round trip, and it touched on the ways that society evolved in the crew's absence, and trade with closer planets and how they were explored. Alot of it was about how society accepted (or did not) accept these merchant crews, and how because of there long stasis, everything would change on earth with each load of cargo they would deliver. (which would take 200 or 300 years.) The bulk of the book revolved around the exploration vessel and its journey to the other civilization, and the perils if near-light travel. I remeber more details, but not the book, the author, or even the ship name. Annoying, because I want to read it again. If anyone has a clue of where i could look or even has read it and has a better memory than I, please let me know!

Thankies! :)
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Port Aransas

Originally uploaded by Sdocat.
Last weekend, we answered our call to the ocean. This happens every few months, and our usual destination is Port Aransas. This time it turned out we were in the middle of Sandfest, its 10th year, and hotels were scarce. In fact, I believe we had the last hotel on the Island, A holiday inn express. The room was nice, even if it was on the first floor and the staff was excellent, going so far as to let us store our rented bikes in there meeting room. :)

We ventured out onto the beach a few times, this time careful of deep sand, which cost us over 300 bucks in car repairs last time in the form of a twisted rear support bar. (Don't let people pull you out of the sand by the rear of your car if you have a FRONT wheel drive vehicle. :< ) The sand was soft, the people were out, and the photos tell the rest of that story.

The highlight of the trip was a bay outing on the catamaran Kahootz. Twas a very WINDY day, but the dolphins were active, as were the birdies and other life forms, such as.. shrimp fisherman. heh. But it was nice, and I enjoyed it emensely. It is of course, my retirement dream to have some sort of ocean going vessel.. hell, if i can make it before then that'd be even better; I have always wanted to sail, but this bay trip is as far as i've made it from land so far.. one small step!

Anyway, besides a bit of heat exhaustion it was an experience. Again, I prefer pictures to words, so you might want to visit my flikr site. (This is crosspost from there, so appolgies for lack of HTML.. just click the photo! :)
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Ft. Worth Zoo trip!

Originally uploaded by Sdocat.
We went to Ft. Worth Zoo today! It sure was nice out, and the animals were super active! The cougaress even played with a ball, although thanks to the close wire and proximity of her to it, and her speed, There was no way I or my autofocus could keep up (The wire confuses the camera AF, and her speed of movement is to fast for me to accomodate.) But, i sent the best shots to my Flikr account:

This is a crosspost from there, so I dunno if it will HTML that properly. But, check it out if you wish!

Move! Again! Eeeeee!

Well, we are aproved and set to move our butts across the street, to apartment 637, a 3 bedroom so that Caelum can have a actual bedroom, and we can have our couch back. :p

Our move will take place at a liesurely pace between the 28th and 30th of this month, or next saturday. My brother will help with his truck on Saturday, but any help anyone would be willing to endure, (and i do mean this, as well as appologize, as it is from 3rd story to 3rd story. ) would be much appreciated. I will try and provide some sort of foodsource, or at least drinks. :) This shouldn't be too hard since we won't have to load any trucks save for the bulky stuff like heavy furniture.

And I'll repeat to myself for Whines and everyone ahead of time: You bastard.. :p
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Flickr Upload

I'm a slug. Yep. Only update in months.. grar. I really have no excuse for that, but anyway;

I've uploaded some recent photos from a jaunt around Austin with kaanah today. Twas a blast, and lots of exercise to. Should do this more often; I mean, there is so much to explore in this town! Plus, I realize that as long as the light is decent my 'older' DCS can handle still pretty well. Once I run these threw photoshop They should look alot better; I noticed that with CS2 there are some nifty image processing tools that will come in handy with my camera; unlike most folks with digitals these days, the DCS (which was one of the first cameras to sport 6 mp resolution way back in 1998; and consumer and even prosumer and pro cameras JUST caught up with it this year.) produces images that need a little love in PS, they are usually a bit underexposed and need some sharpening and saturation; I should be able to set up a batching processor (now that the DCS format is native to Photoshop) that will allow me to do all that en mass for these large batches. But for now, here are some slightly underexposed shots to look at.

Note to Flickr users: How do you make a cross entry to LJ on upload? do you have to use the photos by email option?

Anyway, that represents a 5 mile circle around downtown on foot. Special props to the poor little pidgeon that has 4 shots in there; he had a broken leg, and by now is probably no more. :( At least he will now be imortalized on the internet forever.. poor guy.

If I keep this up, could be good exercise. Somewhere in there you will find a shot of what looks like a large lens with a tiny black box on the end, which incidentally is Kaanah's Rebel DSLR XT. My DCS adds even more weight to this monster, which is what I shot off of most of the time. But, the weight is a trade off for the zoom capability and speed it provides, as well as scareing children and parting crowds; it's basically as good as a media pass. I mean, who carries 40 lbs of camera around for FUN anyway? :p
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