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I'm a slug. Yep. Only update in months.. grar. I really have no excuse for that, but anyway;

I've uploaded some recent photos from a jaunt around Austin with kaanah today. Twas a blast, and lots of exercise to. Should do this more often; I mean, there is so much to explore in this town! Plus, I realize that as long as the light is decent my 'older' DCS can handle still pretty well. Once I run these threw photoshop They should look alot better; I noticed that with CS2 there are some nifty image processing tools that will come in handy with my camera; unlike most folks with digitals these days, the DCS (which was one of the first cameras to sport 6 mp resolution way back in 1998; and consumer and even prosumer and pro cameras JUST caught up with it this year.) produces images that need a little love in PS, they are usually a bit underexposed and need some sharpening and saturation; I should be able to set up a batching processor (now that the DCS format is native to Photoshop) that will allow me to do all that en mass for these large batches. But for now, here are some slightly underexposed shots to look at.

Note to Flickr users: How do you make a cross entry to LJ on upload? do you have to use the photos by email option?

Anyway, that represents a 5 mile circle around downtown on foot. Special props to the poor little pidgeon that has 4 shots in there; he had a broken leg, and by now is probably no more. :( At least he will now be imortalized on the internet forever.. poor guy.

If I keep this up, could be good exercise. Somewhere in there you will find a shot of what looks like a large lens with a tiny black box on the end, which incidentally is Kaanah's Rebel DSLR XT. My DCS adds even more weight to this monster, which is what I shot off of most of the time. But, the weight is a trade off for the zoom capability and speed it provides, as well as scareing children and parting crowds; it's basically as good as a media pass. I mean, who carries 40 lbs of camera around for FUN anyway? :p
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