Sdocat Feu (sdocat) wrote,
Sdocat Feu

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Move! Again! Eeeeee!

Well, we are aproved and set to move our butts across the street, to apartment 637, a 3 bedroom so that Caelum can have a actual bedroom, and we can have our couch back. :p

Our move will take place at a liesurely pace between the 28th and 30th of this month, or next saturday. My brother will help with his truck on Saturday, but any help anyone would be willing to endure, (and i do mean this, as well as appologize, as it is from 3rd story to 3rd story. ) would be much appreciated. I will try and provide some sort of foodsource, or at least drinks. :) This shouldn't be too hard since we won't have to load any trucks save for the bulky stuff like heavy furniture.

And I'll repeat to myself for Whines and everyone ahead of time: You bastard.. :p
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