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Port Aransas

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Last weekend, we answered our call to the ocean. This happens every few months, and our usual destination is Port Aransas. This time it turned out we were in the middle of Sandfest, its 10th year, and hotels were scarce. In fact, I believe we had the last hotel on the Island, A holiday inn express. The room was nice, even if it was on the first floor and the staff was excellent, going so far as to let us store our rented bikes in there meeting room. :)

We ventured out onto the beach a few times, this time careful of deep sand, which cost us over 300 bucks in car repairs last time in the form of a twisted rear support bar. (Don't let people pull you out of the sand by the rear of your car if you have a FRONT wheel drive vehicle. :< ) The sand was soft, the people were out, and the photos tell the rest of that story.

The highlight of the trip was a bay outing on the catamaran Kahootz. Twas a very WINDY day, but the dolphins were active, as were the birdies and other life forms, such as.. shrimp fisherman. heh. But it was nice, and I enjoyed it emensely. It is of course, my retirement dream to have some sort of ocean going vessel.. hell, if i can make it before then that'd be even better; I have always wanted to sail, but this bay trip is as far as i've made it from land so far.. one small step!

Anyway, besides a bit of heat exhaustion it was an experience. Again, I prefer pictures to words, so you might want to visit my flikr site. (This is crosspost from there, so appolgies for lack of HTML.. just click the photo! :)
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