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Alright ye bookworms..

This is a shot in the dark, but I know alot of you folks read alot, heck some of you ::coughyenacough:: Have more books than my hometown library. But a long time ago I read a very large novel about the existance of mankind 10,000 years in the future; it was reality based fiction about the discovery of starship signatures in a distant galaxy, and the subsequent gearing up of a ship and crew capable of reaching this galaxy. This journey took 10,000 years round trip, and it touched on the ways that society evolved in the crew's absence, and trade with closer planets and how they were explored. Alot of it was about how society accepted (or did not) accept these merchant crews, and how because of there long stasis, everything would change on earth with each load of cargo they would deliver. (which would take 200 or 300 years.) The bulk of the book revolved around the exploration vessel and its journey to the other civilization, and the perils if near-light travel. I remeber more details, but not the book, the author, or even the ship name. Annoying, because I want to read it again. If anyone has a clue of where i could look or even has read it and has a better memory than I, please let me know!

Thankies! :)
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