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I found this Cookie file while googleing my machine and our network for the keyword 'chip'. Look closely. I din't make this up, folks.

from test.test_support import verify, verbose, run_doctest
import Cookie

import warnings
".* class is insecure.*",

# Currently this only tests SimpleCookie

cases = [
('chips=ahoy; vienna=finger', {'chips':'ahoy', 'vienna':'finger'}),
('keebler="E=mc2; L=\\"Loves\\"; fudge=\\012;";',
{'keebler' : 'E=mc2; L="Loves"; fudge=\012;'}),

# Check illegal cookies that have an '=' char in an unquoted value
('keebler=E=mc2;', {'keebler' : 'E=mc2'})

for data, dict in cases:
C = Cookie.SimpleCookie() ; C.load(data)
print repr(C)
print str(C)
items = dict.items()
for k, v in items:
print ' ', k, repr( C[k].value ), repr(v)
verify(C[k].value == v)
print C[k]

C = Cookie.SimpleCookie()
C.load('Customer="WILE_E_COYOTE"; Version=1; Path=/acme')

verify(C['Customer'].value == 'WILE_E_COYOTE')
verify(C['Customer']['version'] == '1')
verify(C['Customer']['path'] == '/acme')

print C.output(['path'])
print C.js_output()
print C.js_output(['path'])

# Try cookie with quoted meta-data
C = Cookie.SimpleCookie()
C.load('Customer="WILE_E_COYOTE"; Version="1"; Path="/acme"')
verify(C['Customer'].value == 'WILE_E_COYOTE')
verify(C['Customer']['version'] == '1')
verify(C['Customer']['path'] == '/acme')

print "If anything blows up after this line, it's from Cookie's doctest."

Update: on closer inspection this turns out to come from Openoffice. So it wasn't a true internet cookie, but still, funny.
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