Sdocat Feu (sdocat) wrote,
Sdocat Feu

Found: Grammar for the masses (of WoW)

I've had a few.. problems with my wow installation, so I've been going threw and redownloading all my mods, and looking for a few improvements before I embark on the ever tedious reinstall. (for me, with my 40 something mods and custom art, it is pretty evil to redo this thing.)

While looking for a replacement/update to Ls_chat I found this:

Hyenas with literary degrees should appreciate what is trying to be done here. :p

For those who don't play wow, the 'hide action hero' thing is to stop the plague of chuck Norris conversations that tend to run rampant in the barrens, and have now spread to the rest of the world.. Now if only there was a add on that would 'make 12 yearolds mature'. Guess thats kinna a oxymoron, anyway. :p
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