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My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
sdocat goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as a rock.
badboishawn gives you 5 light blue chocolate-flavoured wafers.
baktre tricks you! You lose 1 pieces of candy!
coldfyre gives you 8 mottled green coconut-flavoured gummy worms.
difficus gives you 18 teal pineapple-flavoured gumdrops.
foxymoonheart tricks you! You lose 2 pieces of candy!
kaanah tricks you! You get a wad of paper.
kt_kat tricks you! You get a used tissue.
nick_ursine tricks you! You get a clothespin.
pouch tricks you! You lose 13 pieces of candy!
spottylogic tricks you! You lose 12 pieces of candy!
sdocat ends up with 3 pieces of candy, a wad of paper, a used tissue, and a clothespin.
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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

Hey, I was robbed! Lookit all those tricks! >.< I blame coldfyre for this. :p

Meme Tag Via spottylogic

So, mr Hyena wants to know whats strange about me? I am honored. :p And here I also have not updated my journal in ages due to.. basic laziness and.. wellll. Being on SL.

Anyway, 5 things.. hum..

1. Clean, yet lazy, stuborn: I seam to have this thing where I get perterved at a dirty house, yet don't always want to keep up with it. I feel alot better when everything is in its place, I feel more professional somehow. But don't always want to do anything about it. I am by nature a procrastinator, so when I have to do something, I will probably not wait to do it, or I'll wind up not doing it at all. This leads me to hardheaded-ness, and a overpowering urge to do things when they are in my head, and do them right.

2. Don't ask me to fix that; As a IT person I mess with computers all day, maybe not fixing them, but always trying to get something to work. This was not really what I wanted to do with computers. I like having things, but when they break I really don't want to mess with them. I just want things to work. Part of why I spend alot of money on some things, I would rather spend more and have something last than have it break every few weeks/years. I get really frustrated when things suddenly break due to entropy.. like my car for instance. It nearly depresses me that I can't get a new one, even though this one still runs, but it's not in order and, tying into point one, I feel less professional, less of something (a man) because it's not in tip shape.. and it is now glued together like a big plastic model. :/

3. Impressions; I have a hang up with impressing people. This is probably a big conflict and binding factor with Kaanah, He is always REALLY trying to impress people (weather he knows it or not.) And I am the same way. I can go to great lengths to make someone go 'wow' and if they don't, it kinna hurts my feelings. Although it usually doesn't last long. I'm not sure why, but me and him seam to compete for names and shiny things alot. Maybe there's no much testosterone somewhere.. Is this really a hangup, or just a guy thing?

4. Planning and Logistics Nazi; When I plan a trip I practiacally have a time frame of going to the bathroom. It so far has come out well, but when people cancel or don't like my ideas I take it too personal. I've gotten alot better at this in recent years, but it steams from alot of me having to do all the planning, because no one else would. So if you say 'lets go to X' or 'I've never been there!' Beware, I may already be formulateing a plan to take you. :p (Whines whitnessed this in action when he said 'I've never been to the Austin Zoo before'. heh.)

5. She's a man-eater!! REALLY! SHE IS! AHHHhh..; People think this is a joke, but for some reason I really am deathly afraid of easy listening. It has something to do with my childhood but I can't put my finger on it. Everytime I hear certain songs from the 70s early 80s I get chills and shivers go up my spine. I am put off by rap, don't want to listen to pop, but easy listening really makes me run for the power button.

wow, only 5. These are the only 5 I really could come up with. Sorry Kitten for not giving you more things you don't know about me, I think you know these already. But there's not much you don't know at this point. :p I'm sure if I dug deeper I could find some more, but not much bugs me. Should I go into Sport Hunters and People with spinners on there cars? Those are just hates, not really hang ups. Spotty, hope I got this right. I'll bring you some of my old long sleeve shirts later.
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Look what you dun did!

So, on an invitation to go get foods the otherday, I wound up downloading and installing Second Life. Although not as.. bubbly as the Yote that got me into it, I am equally in awe of the cuteness. I really like how my AV is turning out.. but, there are a few changes from the usual:

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Sdocat Lemieux resting on one of her favorite places, really, really high up, of course.

Yea, I have breasts. But; I don't think she's too over the top. The hair may need changeing, it's a little lumpy, still experimenting. But AIN'T SHE CUUTEE!!???? As for playing a female, I suppose they're much prettier to look at than a male version of me. Plus people tend to treat you differently.. Meh, to quote another fem online char of mine: 'Don't ask me!.. Pure entertainment." I eventually want to commission or ask one of the better Avitar makers in the game for a slightly better head and some paws; This one was pretty cheep, and I know better is possible. But on one end, you win this time Spotty; They have fairly decent Hyenas, but only ONE cougar. Anyway, this is also a 'game' that Katie and I can play together, which is rare. She likes colorful fantasy things, I tend to like Sci-Fi and a bit grittier.. plus, I like shooting things. :p Anyway, So far Nearly the entire old crew I knew on FurryMuck is there! It's awsome! Although there are people I'm a little scared to meet again, If I see them so be it. Apparently, SL is the new FM.. and in fact, it is the dream I had 12 years ago of a furry community that could interact in full graphical expandability, in a graphic, not text based, world. SL allows all the functionality and expandability of the old mucks, but in new technology. I don't know why I din't get on this sooner! :)
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Weekend, the 4th of July.

Wow, what a weekend. So much happened, some of it happy, some of it quite sad, but all of it life. I haven't updated in quite some time mostly because Everything that happens shows up in one of my friends journals. So, I'll type all this just to remind myself that my childhood is really really over;

This weekend, Friday night around 2 am, my grandfather Elton Wunderlich passed away. He went rather quickly, he had a advanced form of colon cancer that spread to his lymph nodes. I punch myself for not visiting when my mother told me too, as the day he went into the resthome about 2 months ago was the last time I saw him. I also never really got to talk to him very often, we had interesting conversations along the lines of (and this is not a example, this really happened.) : 'Jeff, why is the sky blue?' "well grandpa, It has to do with molecules in the air and what not, how light filters threw the atomosphere." "Yea, I guess. But how do they know that? and who are they?" "Well, the're scientists, I imagine this sort of thing is what they do for a living." "I dunno if I believe them." "....."

Grandpa had a very analitical mind, but mixed with stuborn German, it just wouldn't let him believe. He was full of questions and things most people don't associate with old dairy farmers. I will miss him. I wasn't too emotional until I got to the funeral and saw him, and had to lift him to his final resting place. (I was a palbearer (sp) ) Then it kind of hit me.. People don't look very good when they are dead, i guess. I haven't been to to many funerals, or been privy to may of the deceased likeness when they were alive. (Delivered flowers to plenty of funerals..) Anyway, what happens, happens. My mom said the day after he died two screach owls showed up at there door, and flitted about completely unafraid of her and dads presence... Katie saw a Blue Heron, too, which is her families harbringer of death. The owls though.. perhaps something else.. perhaps not a harbringer, but a consequence. Grandpa was a farmer, dairy, and he was a lifelong bee keeper. A owl, a watcher of the land, would be a fitting re-incarnation of him. :)

Anyway, other things that lurk in the shadows of this; This weekend was busy, Mom and dad visited on the 4th, and later that day we went to Katie's mom's house to watch movies and eat nummy fajitas, devoid of beans, but good none the less. We followed Dede and Nathan out to the 3rd circle of hell (apparently somewhere down by lake Travis) and set off some fireworks. It was a interesting drive, and had my car not been of the suck, it would have been cool. I'm sure the people there were well intentioned in there own way and fine, but for some reason I simply do not mesh well with people like that. Call me a nerd or whatever, it's just not my bag. I've never been a beer & stuff party person. The stuff makes me very uncomfortable; Katie knows all about it. See kaanah's journal for a whole lot of info on what went down earlier in the week, reference our exploration of many places most people probably don't go very often. I look forward to more of this, for----

My parents came back to see me earlier today at work. They had gone to my uncles place for the 4th. Lo and behold they returned with my DCS 560.. FINALLY. This makes me happy, even though it is missing my perspective control lens (he sold it!!! Arrrg!!) it does come back with 2 brand new batteries and my Cannon 540 speedlite flash, which in itself was a 500 dollar item, glad to have it back. The camera seams to work fine and although now I have NO lens from 35-70 mm, I am ready to get this puppy going again. Actually, the DCS will use my Rebel 35-80 lens, although it is not nearly the quality of glass that the other E-series in the pack have. oh well, can't complain too much.. such is life. :)
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(no subject)

Humm.. So, the Bastrop Bypass is finished. Yay! 2 weeks before we move. Heh. AND they have placed large Rustica stars on the underpasses with LED color changeing lights behind them.. what the.. wow. Guess they had a little extra left over.

This weekend, if all goes well, I will also have my camera, a Cannon/Kodak DCS 560 (6.2 MP digital) W a few grand worth of Cannon E series lenses back. I hope I hope. Dad is supossed to pick it up today. If not I must find a way to go pick it up myself; My Uncle SAYS he's done hording it. Never borrowing it out to him again, and it's not leaving MY sight very often either. :p

Anyway, rough day at work, we're a bit in the red, and everyone is a bit edgy about that. What a time. Oh well, we've got plenty of work. My hopes are high we'll get threw it okay.

And, 1 1/2 week till Akon, 2 weeks (as previously stated) Till moveage. EeeP!

Now to use my newly function DL DVD burner to put my ENTIRE Mp3 collection on a single disk! weee!

OH, and one last thing? anyone local have a copy of the original Starwars trilogy I could borrow. KT has NEVER seen it, and now she's seen all of the prequels. Now would be a good time for her, and I to see them again, it's been years.

Kaanah/whines/Spotty: We will be at wingnight tomorrow, too. Hope to see you there!
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weekend of too much expenditure

And it ain't even over yet.. but, alas, I went to Austin to pick up 4 case fans to facilitate the operation of my new Hardcano 12 Cooling controller, and lo and behold I wound up with a Sony DRU-720a DVD +/-RW Burner as well. I blame Kaanah.

I spent money we were saving for A-kon to get it, and I feel like scum for doing it, but I WILL put it back at next paycheck. Just I've been spending too much on myself lately, and feel guilty about it. Anyway, I've never had a DVD drive in my machine before, and I already smick at it. It replaced both my old drives, (A Sony CD-rom and CD-RW that was on it's last leg) and it has a black bezel so it matches the case now. shweet. But the problem is, it doesn't even want read the disk it came with for some reason (which has Nero on it.) and balks at some DVD's, and won't play any others.. needs a codec, which apparently is not free. This seams odd to me. So, where do I get a codec (i've spent enough!) and is this picky behaviour with DVD's normal, or do I need to have a word with Sony?
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Holy craaaaap!

Headline: Kitties Return to Austin!

Date: June 10, 2005.

What: Settler's Ridge 12800 Harrisglenn Drive Austin, TX 78753, #231. (3rd floor, bring extra buckets of sweat.)

Thats right folks, the exile is over. Officially, after much plotting and nervousness, I was able to sign a lease. I tried to find better pictures, but so far, none. But there are wood floors involved, although no pot racks. damn. Anyway.. A bit expensive (I won't say, you won't like to hear it.) but we can manage it. Very nice place, close to work, too. I had this big long speech played out in my head but now I'm just kinna tired. I've filled out less paperwork for buying a car. But still.. yike.

So, who's gonna help us move?

uhm.. hello? anyone out there? Oh yea, they'll be pizza? and.. lots of gatoraide for Coyotes.

Hyenas too! Meep!
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More suckage. For those that din't know, I recently went in for special finanaceing on, what I had come to think was a pretty damn sensible car. A 2002 Boneville SSei, with more buttons and flashing lights and gadgets than a good portion of the Nasco household. Possibly the closet. Well, I got my hopes up, and as such, they got dashed. They want more money down, and I only have about a grand. aparently thats not good enough for them! humpf. The vehicle was FINALLY reviealed to me to cost upwards of 19K. IEEE. If I'd have known that earlier, I probably would have backed slowly away, or at least not gotten actually happy about it. (They kept telling me they could get it in my 300 a month range.. they avoided telling me the complete cost.) Anyway, I guess it's for the best, not ment to drive a full sized, albit, supercharged, sadan yet. The weather, this, and some prick on Planetside (In my own outfit, nonetheless) have really got me irritated. I guess, after my tax return, I'll stick to 14K dollar sports cars, and no more trusting sales people! Grrr. Anyway, At least there's kittens. That helps alot. :)
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